Redness Relief


A cream designed to care for skin that is predisposed to redness, blushing, pimples and a sensation of dryness. Assists the reduction of redness, heals, soothes, and operates to strengthen the skin's natural protection.


Apply once to twice a day onto the skin and wait for absorption.

Key actives

Tambourissa plant extract, Beta-glucan, Natural moisture complex

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Redness Relief


    Lee-Ann is fantastic at her job. She makes you feel warm, welcome and comfortable. Lee-Ann has taught me lots about SHR and i absolutely love the treatment!! It has help me feel more comfortable about my body and is completely life changing! Thanks so much Lee-Ann xx

    Janelle S

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    Excellent service.  Incredibly polite, friendly and warm.  Wonderful way to make my day!  I was given the massage as a birthday surprise. What a beautiful birthday gift.

    Tiffany B